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The King of Limbs – Radiohead ALBUM REVIEW

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FIRST LOOK – Aqualung 40th Anniversary Adapted Edition – Jethro Tull

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Queen 40th Anniversary Box Set [2011 Remasters]

This time around I thought I’d show you the 40th Anniversary box set from Queen, but don’t get too excited – it is just a big box to hold all of the 2011 remastered studio albums.

Click here for 1080p HD quality

Pink Floyd: Wish You Were Here Immersion Box Set – Replacement Blu-Ray Disc Announcement

Apparently, there was a fault on some of the blu-ray discs that shipped with initial copies of the “Wish You Were Here Immersion Box Set” by Pink Floyd. The situation has now been rectified and, in my instance, Amazon has sent me a replacement disc for my box set.

If you have one of these discs affected by unwanted clicks and pops, my advice would be to contact the retailer from where you bought the item and ask for a replacement disc, citing that the problem has been acknowledged by EMI and Amazon.

Click here for 720p HD version

The Boss RC-300 is the latest addition to the Loopstation range and supersedes the RC-50. The main differences between this and its predecessor is the inclusion of in-built audio FX, a large footpedal and a whopping 3 hours of stereo looping time. While the unit is fundamentally a beefed-up RC-50, the improvements implemented by Boss are minimal and some may find them not very useful at all. The in-built FX are hardly inspiring and it is a real pain to edit them. I cannot see how I would use them in my performances.

The way the three stereo loop tracks have been laid out on the front panel is an improvement, though the inclusion of three mini-slider to control the volume of each track is a nice addition, it is almost impossible to pull off smooth volume changes with them thanks to a latch at the centre position.

Other than that, the RC-300 is the “Rolls Royce” of Loopstations and looping pedals and the looper is spoilt with the depth of features. However, if you have an RC-50, there’s not that much here to warrant an upgrade – unless you can get a good price for your RC-50 on eBay first!

Now watch my video review of this unit.

Watch in glorious 1080p HD quality

So here I am up to my nuts in Rush as I plough my way through three neat little boxsets containing many of the Canadian proggers most popular albums.

Watch in amazing 1080p quality

Prog Review 31: 50 Words for Snow – Kate Bush

You wait ages and then two Kate Bush albums come along at once. This time we have an album of new material based on a winter theme. So it is a concept album of sorts, if you will.

But is it a Frosty the Snowman or a bucket of yellow snow? You’ll have to watch the video to find out!

Watch here in glorious 720p HD video

And here’s the link to my review of Aerial: http://www.darrenlock.com/2005/11/08/cd_review_kate/

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