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Prog Review – The Incident Limited Edition Box Set – Porcupine Tree

You can buy your own copy of this from here:http://bit.ly/theincidentboxset

And so my man love obsession with all things Steven Wilson intensifies as I purchase the limited edition boxset of “The Incident” by Porcupine Tree.


Prog Review 168 – The Liberty of Norton Folgate – Madness

You can get your copy of this album here:http://bit.ly/thelibertyofnortonfolgate

And so my journey looking at the concept albums begins with an unlikely contender in the shape of this 2009 release from UK band Madness, who are probably better known for their North London-based pop hits.

Prog Review 90: Tubular Bells – Mike Oldfield

You can get your own copy of this amazing box set here: http://bit.ly/tubularbells

And so this episode of Prog Review sees me tackling the legendary “Tubular Bells” album, but to make it more interesting I am throwing in a quick look at the 2009 Super Deluxe Collector’s Edition box set.

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