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Everything That Happens Will Happen Today Deluxe CD Box Set – David Byrne & Brian Eno

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And so I look at a bit of an oddity from Byrne and Eno…

Seeing as the 06 October 2012 (when this was recorded) is the 40th anniversary of the release of Foxtrot, I thought it apt to do a Prog Review of it. Hopefully you will enjoy it and the look at the two CD versions I have of this album, which are shown.

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How Not to Get Ahead in Business (Without Really Trying)


So what really happened in 2008? Do you want to hear a story of misery and woe? Do you want to settle down with a cup o’ java and watch as one man’s life, hopes and dreams unravel before your very eyes. Do you want to see a family triumph over outstanding adversity onto to fail against an uncaring world?

This is no Hollywood blockbuster starring Matt Damon. No. This is real life starring yours truly, the insurance industry and a number of car batteries.