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You can buy your copy of this classic album here: http://bit.ly/face_value

And so my last review in this run sees me going all Patrick Bateman on yo ass and talking about Phil Collins and his “Face Value” album.

I was meant to make this video last week but serious illness prevented me from doing anything for the past five days. But here we are looking at the “Is There Anybody Out There” special edition from 2000. I thought I’d rebuy this set and give it a look as I was interested to see how much material from this was going to be reproduced in the forthcoming “The Wall Immersion Edition” box set.

Click here for 1080p HD version

Background Music:
“Still Crane Lake” by Darren Lock (that’s me)
“Widowspeak” by Darren Lock (that’s also me)

To buy the album that features this music, click:

Another day, another remaster from King Crimson. This time we head into the 1980s and hear just how good the band sounds in 5.1 surround.

Full glorious 1080p HD Video Here!