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Glissentar 05-10-12 Improvisation [with RC-300 Loopstation]

So here I am noodling around, recreating the first thing I ever played on the Glissentar earlier.

I recorded this the other day and forgot to post it here. What a dummy. Not sure if this will make the cut or not. Not even sure if I’ve got a cohesive album in the five or six songs I’ve already recorded.


Pressure Point [25-04-12]

This is a short composition based on a riff I improvised around at the beginning of the month. It’s a bit of a rag-tag song, but there’s something in there worth keeping.

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Return of the Snapdragon

YouTube viewer RyanYardComposer, did a review of my music and remarked how he enjoyed the track “Snapdragon”. He mentioned a few of the technical limitations of the piece so I thought it would be a good idea to return to that stamping ground and improvise a piece where I layer acoustic notes on top of each other. It’s kind of a nod to Terry Riley and the ilk, I guess.


Watch in glorious 720p HD quality

Return of the Snapdragon EP cover

Look at the pretty colours...

The “Return of the Snapdragon EP” includes this track as well as two other improvised pieces in this style and also includes a free digital HD download of the “Return of the Snapdragon” video.

You can buy the high quality FLAC/MP3 version of this at:

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Angel’s Tears [1994]

As I have a terrible cold, I can’t really make any YouTube videos at the moment (unless you want to watch me sniffle and snort my way through them, of course). So I decided to grab my camera and make this little abstract number to accompany the very first piece of ambient music I ever recorded.

The track is called “Angel’s Tears” and it was recorded in 1994/1995 – I am not sure exactly when – and it features the Roland GR-1 guitar synthesiser. This was before looping or delay pedals were added to my sonic arsenal and so it is just me using long sustained pad sounds and lead lines. There might be one layer of overdubbing. I can’t remember. I doubt it because it was recorded using my Yamaha MT4X four-track cassette recorder – so I would imagine I recorded it as live as possible.

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Silent Night

This is a track I recorded a decade ago and I have made a little video to accompany it. Season’s greeting to all those who come here and follow me and I hope you have a prosperous New Year.

Watch in glorious 1080p HD video

Silent Night EP cover

Festive ambient drones from yours truly...

I have released this track as part of an EP, which includes two versions of the song and a digital download of the video in HD resolution. You can purchase said EP from the link below:


The Stinkhorn EP

I’ve had some viewers ask what the music is in my videos and I use my own music to add some extra atmosphere to my work. You can listen to the music I use via an EP I have created. It’s called the Stinkhorn EP and costs £2 (though you can pay more if you wish). You can access it here:

Or use this handy player to listen to it:

And if you want to download a whole FREE compilation album, you can get that from my webstore too at: