Woolworths at Lea Bridge Road, Leyton
So the very last Woolworths stores are closing today. My career began in the Woolworths at Bakers Arms in Leyton. Happy times. Due to my charm and dashing good looks (no really), I was put to work behind the record bar dishing out LPs, 45s and 12 inches left, right and centre. It was here that I met the Missus and we worked together for a while before she left for pastures new and then we continued our friendship.
I used to joke how we’d probably have been better off staying at Woolworths and that we’d probably have ended up managing our own store by now. Ooops…got that wrong. It is a shame because I used to go and spend money in that shop on a regular basis but cash-flow is a big fat horrible cow of a beast.
Instead of wasting our money on the war on terror and sending our own soldiers to be blown up in Iraq and Afghanistan, the government could have bailed out these retailers who are going to the wall. It could have prevented the rise of unemployment and honest, hard-working folks losing their livlihoods and eventually their homes.
Oh well. To better, more innocent and exciting times. Working at Woolworths all those years ago was one of the reasons I wanted my own shop because I loved dealing with the customers. But those times have changed and then you realise that Leyton is very different from Norfolk.

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