In this video, I show how you can run the preview version of Windows 8 within Parallels (or you can use any other virtual PC software such as VM Ware) on a Mac running OSX Lion. But don’t be put off, this demo is also applicable to PC users who want to run Windows 8 on a separate partition or their own Virtual Machine (recommended).

Though you might want to watch this directly on YouTube to watch in proper 1080p HD resolution by clicking the following link:

Watch in 1080p on YouTube

A quick run down on how to run Windows 8 Developer Preview if you don’t want to watch my informative video:

1) Install an emulation application such as VM Ware Fusion or Parallels. In my example, I am using Parallels on my iMac which I wholeheartedly endorse.

2) Download the .iso image you require from:

3) Start Parallels and set-up a new virtual machine. Follow the install wizard but select “Other Windows” for the type of machine you require.

4) Direct Parallels to the .ISO file you have downloaded from the MSDN website.

5) Follow the on-screen prompts and standby while Windows 8 installs itself on your virtual machine. The whole process should take around five minutes (though this could be longer dependant on the speed of your hardware).

6) Huzzah! You now have Windows 8 installed on your iMac. The great thing is that when you are finished with it, you can delete the virtual machine with no ill effects to your computer.

I have subsequently posted an updated video showing the installation and demo of Windows 8 Consumer Preview here:

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