I’ve kept schtum about the moronic hoards that have destroyed hard-working people’s businesses, properties and communities during the past few days. In the past, the disenfranchised rioted because they had nothing or were rallying against a political idea or even massed against injustice. But over the last few days, there’s been none of this. It has been opportunist chaos, a chance to raise hell and not face the consequences. It’s sad because the only people they are hurting are themselves because it is their own communities that have been damaged. Money will drift out of the area and those businesses won’t return – the infrastructure weakened, you turn your community into a ghetto. Well done, have a banana! Pat yourself on the back with the self-satifised glow of idiot glee.

The fallout (and I mean literal fallout) has been huge chunks of ashes from the local riots drifting out to us. In the garden and around our property are large chunks of burnt wood – the remnants of the riots.

Should I put them on eBay and give others the opportunity to own a genuine piece of the action?

A genuine piece of burnt London

Own your own piece of the action...contact me for details!

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