I’m doing a twofer on this post – a two for one.

Firstly, here is Verity singing “Maybe Tomorrow” – the theme from “The Littlest Hobo”.

And secondly, this is my reply to Tim Brown who is having trouble with his Godin Spectrum and the Roland GR55.

I wish I could offer you some advice. With my GR-55 I have it set up for both my ACS Nylon and Spectrum using the same settings. I have noticed that the nylon actually tracks better than the Spectrum and out of my three guitars, the Spectrum has the worst tracking of the lot.

I have a theory on this, but have not done anything about the issue as I tend to use the best guitar for the job. My theory is this: that the design of the Spectrum bridge means that there is a sufficient gap between the bridge pieces and the holding pegs, and that there is some kind of microscoping, subsonic vibration that is causing the GR-55 to mis-track.

One solution could be to change your strings to a heavier gauge or…and this is something that I’ve not tried and is more a “off the top of my head” idea is to dampen that sound by putting some sponge or small pieces of supportive rubber beween the bridge pieces and the string pegs to dampen any subsonic vibration.

Of course, I am really pissing in the dark here, but there that or just messing around with the GK settings of the GR-55, perhaps using the GK-2A or GK-3 settings for pickup instead of the piezo settings to take the edge off things.

Not sure if any of this helps…

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