Why have one stupid thing happen to you in a day when you could have three? I love stupid. I embrace stupid. I fondle the stupidness in me and realise that I am a fully paid up member of the Idiot Nation. However, I am an idiot in disguise. I am undercover. I am working on the inside see.

The day started with a raft of post flopping through the letter box. Contained within were two items of stupid to deal with. The first was the realisation that British Telecom (or BT as they call themselves in chummy marketing speak) doesn’t actually change your postal address when you move house for I received a bill from my old property via Royal Mail’s mail forwarding service.

No, they don’t change your address for you – you have to go online to your account and do it yourself manually. How stupid is that? It’s taken me nearly two months to find this out, but I have updated my details and hopefully no more bills will go astray. Mind you, who actually wants to receive bills? I must be daft or sumfink…

The second item of stupid came via the local council and its council tax bill. They’d already demonstrated how stupid they were by messing up my original council tax bill and having to send a replacement. So imagine the lack of suprise when I open the bill and discover that it contains a reminder. No, Mr Lock you haven’t paid the outstanding amount from your previous bill.

Au contraire, I fire off a retaliatory email to them stating that they were paid from my debit card via their payment website at the beginning of the month. I don’t think I’ve heard the last of that one.

The third item of stupid consumed the rest of the day. I had ordered some monitor speakers for my digital mixer, having giving my old set away before we moved. The company I used had been good in the past and I expected them to arrive before lunchtime. When they didn’t turn up I checked my email, then my spam folder and discovered the tracking details.

Somehow the speakers had been delivered to the completely wrong address! I am not sure how it happened but I suspect that someone at the company had entered in the wrong postcode and automatically send the item astray. So I go around and knock to see if I can retreive them. No-one is home.

I return and fire off an email to the company involved and they tell me that I should get them back, but assure me that the mistake was no way mine. Heck, I knew that. The address was COMPLETELY different to my own so it wasn’t as if I’d had a brain fart and typed it all in wrong.

So a couple more visits and still no answer. No answer from the neighbours either, but I check the tracking information at the courier website and it tells me that it was delivered to number 18. So I go back again, but there’s no answer despite lights being on and evidence of human habitation. Thankfully, I had the presence of mind to have a note written out with my sad story inside and my contact number, which I posted through the letter box.

After dinner, I received a message saying that they did have my speakers and I could go and collect them. Huzzah! Problem solved. When I brought them home and opened up my invoice I was amused (is amused the right emotion, I’m not sure) to discover that the company had got my CORRECT home delivery address on the invoice.

It truly was a “Day of the Stupid”…

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