In an attempt to re-continue my life back on the blog, it seems only fair to provide an update on our resident oversized Westie, Alex the Wonderdog. Unfortunately, life hasn’t been to kind to Alex of late and he’s been suffering from all manner of ear and eye infections. We think this maybe down to his skin condition, but the vet’s don’t seem to have any idea what the problem is.
During the last week’s of our exile, I was treating him for a bad eye infection and adminstering eye drops and ear drops which virtually rendered him deaf and blind. Everything appeared to clear up, but last week, after the move, we noticed that there was something very wrong with his left eye.

Getting an appointment back at our old vet, it was diagnosed that he had some kind of cyst on his eye. The condition was serious and more eye drops prescribed. After a couple of doses, whatever this cyst was, burst, and he resembled something from a Hammer Horror movie.

Tonight, was a return visit to the vet and the prognosis was not good. If we are lucky we might be able to save the eye, but he won’t see out of it properly. If we are unlucky he’ll lose it. As a sidenote, the vet said that he couldn’t prescribe any steroid eye drops at this moment in time as they would probably cause the eye to burst.

That really turned my stomach!!!

Poor old Alex – the treatment over past few days has cost us shy of £150. Don’t have pets and kids – they are expensive, smell and generally shit up the place. (Of course, I jest)

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