Today we are talking theme tunes. DHG posted a meme-type-thing (Good name for a band that) about theme tunes for blogs. Of course, being an egotist, I would use my own tunes for the themes here, but somehow I think the meme is more about the music you like than the music you produce, so I will play ball accordingly.
The main theme of this blog would be King Crimson’s “Into the Frying Pan”, which seems to sum up the last few years quite nicely. I feel I’ve been chewed up and spat out a few times. This is a live rendition taken from their gig at the Shepherd’s Bush Empire back in 2000 – it was our wedding anniversary and as a treat I took the Missus along. Poor cow.

The play out music would be Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac “Man of the World”. A song that just explains who I am in just over two minutes.

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