I know it is a terrible habit to Google oneself. In fact, to Google oneself sounds as if it is a euphemism for shaking hand’s with the wife’s best friend or wrestling with the one-eyed trouser snake, but I digress. In between searching for hardcore dwarf porn and giving my life saving’s to Nigerian scammers, I often find my music being used by all sorts of people for all sorts of purposes.
This following clip, I think, is a comedy sketch. The reason I am unsure is that it is in Italian and I don’t speak Italian apart from bonjourno and ciao, etc. so one must assume it is funny. Mind you, the product featured in the sketch does actually exist. You can buy alarm clocks that whizz around the room like that.
Anyhow, they have used my track “Loops and Scales” as the soundtrack to the “advert”. I think it’s cool. I also think it is another great example of how the net can help us cross pollinate our arts to create wonderful new things…like this!

Meanwhile, in the village, the rumour mill is nine months too late…ha ha ha ha!

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