I’m not one for remixing and, in my humble and honest opinion, most remixes are superfluous to requirements, but a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, yours truly entered a remix competition. Actually it was late 2002, if my stress-addled memory holds up. Yes, I know it sounds preposterous that I should even dare to remix another’s music but I was swayed by the fact that when I downloaded the music files containing instrument samples etc., I noticed that the original version of the song completed omitted the vocals & lyrics that had been laid down by the singer. I thought that this could be the basis of my remix and I would restore the words, try and turn into a song proper and add a bit of Darren Lock guitar magic. 🙂
I couldn’t find a video of the original track on YouTube so you’ll have to do with this live performance, which captures the same song structure that appears on the album.

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