My latest release is a 4-CD compilation set and is available to buy at Here’s the blurb:
God Pays Debts Without Money…

This 4-CD set represents three year’s work.
The first CD is a collection of individual recordings made between 2003 and 2006.
The second CD is a series of linked instrumental tracks that should be considered as a whole.
The third CD is a collection of vocal songs – some of which were originally written in 1999 and given a fresh lick of paint, while some were written more recently. Can you tell which ones are which?
The fourth CD is deliberately experimental and showcases totally live performances by myself using multi-layered audio looping technology to create improvised sonic textures.
The fourth CD also contains a data track for your PC/MAC and contains several live video performances of myself.
All in all, for your money, you are getting over four hours of original music. It’s diverse, challenging and I am sure that you will enjoy the journey.
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Darren Lock plays guitar, bass, keyboards, electronic percussion and occasionally sings.
Front Cover Art: Taren McCallan-Moore
Click here for a preview of the tracks on this set.

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