The top search strings that lead wary surfers to this site were:
1 malcolm xerxes
2 ashbory bass
3 alesis multimix16 firewire
4 monkey dust
5 alesis firewire review
6 alesis firewire mixer review
7 ashbory
8 alesis multimix16
9 erotic ironing
10 highbury house receivership
11 highbury receivership
12 lemonjelly
13 twitchy eye
15 49 up mp4
16 alesis multimix16 firewire review
17 alesis multimix16 review
18 alesis review firewire recording
19 wankers uk
20 darren lock

As you can see Malcolm Xerxes again has dominated the chart with the Ashbory Bass coming second. It’s good to see that people have been coming here for news about Highbury House publishing and looking for reviews of the Alesis Multimix16 Firewire. My own name could only scrape in at the bottom of the list, but at least the scourge of Nookie Bear has ended. Hurrah!
This month’s Google Mind FuckTM is:
Chantelle Houghton getting naked with George Galloway while looking at an offensive Islamic cartoon and fisting Michael Barrymore who is injecting his baby gravy into Pete Burns’ grossly inflated lips
As you can see, this month’s Google Mind FuckTM has a strong Celebrity Big Brother theme as this is still high on everyone’s search list. Don’t forget to tune in for next month’s string of offensive words guaranteed to get traffic to yoru website. 🙂

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