So do you feel any different? Did you get too drunk and do something you deeply regret? Did you vow to change your life in the New Year? Did you wake up this morning and wish you were dead?
Watched the London New Year’s Eve celebrations on the box last night and the fireworks display based around the London Eye was amazing. For once, I was kind of envious that I wasn’t there. Why wasn’t the Millennium Eve fireworks that good? But yes, it was one of the most spectacular 10 minutes of fireworks I’d seen and I hope they make it an annual thing.
On the illness front: the lurgy that plagued the Missus before Xmas has taken a grip on me. I have a sore throat and runny nose and the occasional sharp pains in the left ear. The symptoms keep disappearing though and I suddenly feel fine, only for the next day to feel rotten again. Apparently, this is the norm for this bug. Whoopsie do!
Today: chicken dinner followed by more Xmas pud and champagne. As I write this, I am also cooking lunch (ain’t I a magnificent multitasking motherfunner, eh?) and I am ready to go down to peel some spuds and get the veg prepared for our new vegetable steamer. I expect to spend the afternoon napping on the sofa, slightly sozzled on the champers. This is how we live.

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