Every year I tune into the freak-fest that is Big Brother to see how Channel 4 has degraded the format. The very first series was an interesting social experiment, but now they tend to fill the house with people who are just too media-savvy for their own good. However, the really great thing about Big Brother is the betting culture that’s grown up around it. Every Friday, you can have a flutter on who is going. Every series there is at least a couple of good chances to make some money when the bookies get it completely wrong. Where else in a two-horse race can you get odds of nearly 5-1? Even if you do lose, the odds are too good to turn down and there’s always at least one eviction that catches the bookies out. I’ve been biding my time and waiting and last night, I took my chance. I had a flutter on Kemal getting the boot and my horse came in. I made a nice £50 out of the show. So who says that reality TV is rubbish? Not me. You’ve just got to find a way to make it work for you. 😉

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