Still getting the odd twinge of pain in my stomach, but at least I can walk around without pain now. Hurrah! Tomorrow is supposed to be nice and hot and sunny and so this means I am going to be putting my body under further stress by going to the pub with The Missus. The funny thing is that when I get these stomach cramps, the alcohol actually relaxes the spasm. Funny that, isn’t it? Booze is the answer…but then what was the question?

I have recently realised that I have an addictive personality. In the past, this manifested itself by my creative output. I would become obsessed about writing (hey, let’s write a novel in six weeks = the unpublished but brilliantly nasty “Man of the World”) or music (let’s record a CD in four weeks = the rough and ready “Textures”, which has its moments). Nowadays, by addictive personality manifests itself in checking out pointless websites and other wasteful, potentially harmful behaviour. This is not good. I need to get myself back on track. So from this point on, I am initiating a new rule.

Everytime I feel the urge to loaf on the net or begin some of my more unseemly behaviour, I will pick up my guitar or play with my keyboard or take the dog for a walk. The chain needs to be broken and it was good while I was away because I had little web access and my mind was occupied with the real world. In my little concrete box, on my own, I have the time to waste. Stupid boy!

Anyway, the result of my obsessive and wasteful nature yesterday was that I found this rather superb Peter Hammill song on a website. It’s called “Polaroid” and it was either a single or an extra track on the US/Canadian pressings on the “pH7” album. Anyway, here it is:

Now I fully expect the MPIAA to break down my door and cart me off screaming: “But look at all the CDs and albums I have actually bought. I am a music lover, goddammit!” 🙂

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