Track-list (though songs might be missing and in the wrong order because I am still giddy like a schoolgirl whose first crush has just invited her to the prom).

Undercover Man
Scorched Earth
Every Bloody Emperor
Nutter Alert
Darkness (11/11)
(In The) Black Room
Childlike Faith in Childhood’s End
The Sleepwalkers

I arrived fashionably late to the concert. Don’t get me wrong, I started on my journey two hours before the gig started and it should have took me around an hour door to door, but the Jubilee line decided to stop working and I had to back-track fast, using my knowledge of the rat-run tunnels at Bank station to get to the Waterloo & City. Suffice to say, I broke some kind of landspeed record by getting from Stratford to Waterloo in around 24 minutes.

Anyway, the Missus met me inside the venue and the bells were sounding ushering people into the concert hall. I was already excited, but now I had the added rush of adrenaline from hurtling across town. I could have murdered a drink, but with no time before the start, I settled for a boiled sweet of indeterminable flavour provided by The Missus. Like a dromedary, I used my own moisture content to overcome the “thirst”.

The band came on stage at about 7.45pm to a standing ovation. Hey, even I stood up and they took their places and launched into “The Undercover Man”. Wow…I’d never seen VDGG perform live before and was instantly stuck by the power. The second song up was “Scorched Earth” and by now the hairs on the back of my neck stood up on end. It was an intense experience, it was like a force of nature smacking you in the chest. At one point, I thought I was going to die…that’s how fucking powerful the music was.

The band shifted gear with “Refugees” before pulling out a track from the new album in the shape of “Every Bloody Emperor” which stood up quite well amongst the old stuff. Hey, I even got to sing a long. Then there was a surprise, pH introduced the next song and by the introduction, I knew what it was…it was “In the Black Room”. Sweet. I love that song from his solo album and it was amazing to hear the band tear it up and inject it with that patented VDGG energy.

Now, my memory is getting hazy because I was very carried away with the music. I was just in the middle of it completely, so I might forget songs or pull them up in the wrong order. I remember a particularly intense version of Lemmings, which just tore my head off and vomited in the stump. The band played another track from “Present” and this time it was “Nutter Alert” getting an airing. Again, it worked better than the album version and pH injected more fire into it. I was completely knocked back by the two tracks from Pawn Hearts, which were absolutely vicious in their delivery.

The selection of songs were great and I was surprised just how many of them I was familiar with – I didn’t think I was THAT much of a VDGG fan. Wrong. I am a really big fan…an even bigger fan now. OK – the band were a little sloppy in places missing cues and that, but who cares. The energy was there. Hammill is just THE VOICE. That guy could shred phonebooks with that set of lungs and David Jackson is something else. Never seen him play before and it was a real treat. A flute, two saxes at once? No problem. Though after one particularly aggressive solo he stood too near to a microphone and I heard him gasping for breath. I thought the poor old sod was going to snuff it. Then there is Guy Evans…what a powerhouse. If he’d have played the drums with the Schizoid Band, he’d have blown them away. His bass drum alone was causing palpitations in my chest! And then there was steady, reliable Hugh Banton, delivering the goods and then pulling out a blistering solo. My god, it was one of the most amazing gig experiences I’ve had.

To say that I am tired and emotional would be an understatement. I knew I would enjoy the concert, but I didn’t realise that VDGG would grab me by the scruff of the neck, rattle me around, hold me over a precipice and leave me dangling there screaming for my life. Amazing. Hammill is great solo, but he is amazing with those three guys behind him. What a team.
Amazing…my heart is still thumping in my chest with excitement.

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